Company law and M&A

We advise on extraordinary transactions such as mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, rights issues, issues of bond and quasi-equity instruments for domestic and international clients. Assistance in the context of generational shifts . We also provide company secretary services and day-by-day assistance to listed or private companies.

Corporate governance & compliance

We advise on corporate governance issues for private and listed companies (including compliance with the Corporate Governance Code of the Italian Stock Exchange), company compliance, corporate compliance with regard to safety at work, periodic, on-going and ad hoc reporting and management of shareholders and board of directors’ meetings.

Capital Markets

We advise on equity capital market transactions (also on the AIM UK and AIM Italia MAC markets), including IPOs, rights issues, tender offers, block trades and share buy-backs. In this context, we assist issuers, shareholders, underwriters, financial intermediaries and nominated advisers (NOMAD).

Our capability also includes debt capital market transactions such as, the offer, listing and buy-back of debt securities (including Eurobonds, EMTN Programmes and Minibond) and hybrid securities.

We also assist in the context of the offering and listing on regulated markets of MTFs of plain vanilla instruments as well as structures products such as certificates and covered warrants.

Financial Markets, Banking & Derivatives

We advise banks, funds, intermediaries and other financial operators (domestic and international) on a wide range of regulatory, financial services and banking issues, including the assistance before the competent Authorities in relation to market abuse and market manipulation’s procedures. Due to our relationships with the relevant competent Authorities and our active participation to the consultation processes, we often facilitate the admittance of new products and financial instruments in the Italian markets. We also specialise in derivative transactions and related regulatory issues (including strategic transactions and corporate equity derivatives). Other areas of expertise include banking regulation and regulatory capital issues.


Our expertise includes the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, such as distribution, license, agency, consulting, logistical services, supply, franchising, sale concessions, terms of business, etc. We also advise on financing agreements, also in the context of extraordinary transactions, and the structuring of security packages. Our capability also encompasses advertising agreements, IP rights’ licenses, sponsoring and product placement agreements, etc.

Incorporation of companies

Incorporation and management of companies and trusts in different jurisdictions and incorporation of companies and establishment of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Italy.

Litigation & ADR

We advise on the assessment of the litigation risk and the structuring of defensive strategies. We are also active in civil, commercial, financial and IP litigation procedures in each stage and level of the judgment and before every Court. Our expertise includes ADR procedures, such as conciliation, mediation, arbitration, etc.

Intellectual property

We assist in relation to the protection and economic exploitation of trade marks, patents, brands, copyrights and confidential business information. We provide assistance in any requirement concerning the protection and the economic exploitation of contents protected by copy-right law and related rights, with specific expertise in web matters and in music rights. We provide judicial and extrajudicial assistance , in relation to trademarks and copyright law, to a wide range of business entities operating primarily in the industrial, retail, publishing, media, TELCO, music and entertainment areas.

Privacy, media & new technology law

We advise on the different stages of the creation and implementation process of traditional advertising campaigns, below-the-line activities, regulation of prize events, product packaging and management of web communication. Management of litigation and related contracts. We assist in litigation procedures regarding the safety and quality of products, producer responsibility and commercial guarantees of consumer goods. Our capability includes the legal aspects of websites and e-commerce portals as well as the protection of users’ privacy. We also provide assistance for the establishment of innovative start-ups and for their funding. that are searching for calls for funding for new projects with high technological value.

Credit management

We provide preliminary assessment services in relation to receivables’ quality and recovery ratio. We can also assist in the execution of the relevant enforcement procedures. Our capability includes the assistance in the recovery and management of portfolios of receivables, in cooperation with the leading players in the Italian market.